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Is nate berkus still dating brian atwood

Home for this often-airborne gentleman is the top floor of a 1920s apartment building.

The journey up four flights of stairs might be cause for a few grumbles if it did not end with a door that opens to an oasis perched triumphantly above the noise of a bustling piazza.

Last year, in May of 2010, Mister New York City crib is described as, “A small condo in the West Village.” Of course, we don’t know a cork board from a skate board.

Maybe Mister Berkus lives in a starchitect-designed apartment he may or may not own in too-trendy West Chelsea or maybe he lives in a bantam one-bedroom in the leafy, lovely and lavishly gentrified West Village.

Mister announced recently that he’s two years into a relationship with an unnamed architect, which indicates that he and the dashing shoe designer parted ways quite some time ago.

Since the apartment in Milan was occupied by Mister Atwood before he and Mister , CA to her new OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) offices in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile District.

The ottoman, bless it’s hard, has been rendered completely useless for sitting by the stacks of books from Mister reveals that the reconfiguration of the master bedroom included snatching half of the original dressing room in order to create an enlarged master bath.

What remains is still an impressive custom-fitted walk-in closet with more than enough space for all Mister .

Elle Decor takes a long look at the place and from the Milo Baughman chair (covered in suede that Atwood uses in his shoe designs) to the Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper in the dining area to the Farrah Fawcett poster, it is a very chic modern space with some serious nods to the past. As the place took on its present modern guise, the old bones of the building were not so much broken down as buffed to a high sheen."I really wanted to keep the European flavor," Atwood says, pointing out the handsome moldings and parquet floors that glisten as if they have been glazed with honey.He was also emphatic about bringing in 21st-century toys like a Bang & Olufsen system that pipes music throughout every room, a workout area with Bosu balls and a flat-screen television, and stainless-steel light switches so advanced the whole apartment had to be rewired to accommodate them.Less pressing to Atwood was the search for furnishings.

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It seems like it’ll only a matter of time before Oprah looks to buy a crash pad in Los Angeles, don’t it?

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