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Find out more interesting facts at Constitution Facts! United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Online Exhibitions An online version of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s exhibitions on Rescue and Resistance, Anti-Semitism, Propaganda, Persecution, Camps, the Aftermath and more. Chronicle of Revolution Chronicle of Revolution provides students with a detailed look at the events that contributed to the start of the American Revolution by reading newspaper articles from key cities. The available titles cover topics like the Battle for Midway, Alexander the Great, Pearl Harbor and more. World History for Us All World History for Us All offers teaching units, lesson plans and resources for middle school and high school world history teachers.

It allows you to create multimedia slideshows with images, videos and documents.

” It’s another free and easy way to draw on Google Maps. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection High-quality historic, thematic and topographic maps of the world including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Polar regions, Oceans and United States. How Big Really This website takes important places and events, and overlays them onto a map. Use it to show your students how large something like the Great Wall of China or the battle of Stalingrad really is/was! Timerime Search for pre-made, media-rich timelines or make your own using MP3 audio clips, You Tube videos and more. Time Toast All you need is a valid email address to create interactive timelines that can be shared anywhere on the web. Tiki Toki Easily create stunning web-based, sharable timelines with images and video. Econ Ed Link includes accounting, banking, budgeting, debt, inflation, interest, investing, risk and more. Numbeo Numbeo is a website that allows you to compare information about the cost of living from different areas of the world. Living Wage Calculator Use the Living Wage Calculator, developed by Penn State University, to calculate the approximate living wage of your area. Poll Anywhere is free if your class size is less than 40 students. 360 Cities Show your class first-person views of different historic and cultural locations around the world.

Tiki Toki also has a group editing feature for collaboration. Dipity With Dipity, you can find, create and embed interactive, customizable timelines. Capzles Create your own sharable timeline with images, video, audio, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and PDF files. The calculator lists typical expenses, the living wage and typical wages for the selected location. These amazing 360 degree panoramas are easily projectable on your interactive whiteboard, or perfect for your classroom i Pads. Animoto Use Animoto to easily create presentations and videos with your own images and music, or choose from a library of stock files.

History World is great for conducting preliminary research for papers and projects. Eye Witness to History Eye Witness to History is home to first-hand accounts of historical events, vintage photographs, original radio broadcasts and more. Wikibooks – Ancient Civilizations Easy to understand descriptions of some of the world’s most influential civilizations including the Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings, Persians, Romans and more. Simple English Wikipedia – World History The history of the world—according to Wikipedia—told in plain English. Videos Watch video clips from the History Channel on a variety of topics including the American Revolution, American Civil War, World War II, the Titanic, Black History Month, Ancient Civilizations and more. Go Social Studies Go A modern-looking website dedicated to world religions, history and world geography. The Avalon Project A collection of historical documents in law and diplomacy from 4,000bce to the present.

These materials are great discussion and essay starters. Hyper History While Hyper History’s design is reminiscent of websites from the 1990’s, it covers 3000 years of world history including culture, religion, politics and historical figures. History World 300 informational narratives and 10,000 events in a searchable database.

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