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Right after high school I lived in London for about two or three months and then I went back and started studying.Basically I lived in London and sort of bummed around in 1999-2000, then in 2001, I was in college and basically started the band over those years.In fact, if it hadn’t been for the Wind-Up Records deal I probably would have quit music.My girlfriend was pregnant, I was pretty much broke, so I go back to college to finish and try and get a job.And every time I heard that song on the radio, even years after that, I’d get emotional. That was like the first time I really understood the power of music.I guess there really weren’t many bands for us to watch as a kid growing up so when I was about ten years old or eleven years old there was a band called Mango Groove.And in this story, it’s a true story about an owner who ends up shooting this dog by accident because he mistakes him for a fox.And the song played was called “Spirit Of The Great Heart” by Johnny Clegg and I remember at the time it just moved me so much cause I was like, well, now I’m unhappy cause the dog’s gone, and the song was so powerful and that memory imprinted on me.

We watched them at a high school theatre or whatever and I remember thinking it was really cool seeing all these musicians on stage and they were actually playing and it sounded great and everyone was really into it and there was this really great energy about it.

But it was basically running around doing kid stuff on a farm, like climbing trees and riding bicycles and stuff, a really standard farm upbringing. Then having been there for four or five years there were bars on all the windows, there were security gates, we had to put in electrical fencing. You’re so outlying and so far away from your neighbors that they would just come on your property and attack farmers. But yeah, a lot of my family farmed all over the country so you hear stories from all over the place of farmers being attacked, just hacked to pieces.

As time went by things got more dangerous so we moved into the city cause farmers were getting chopped up and stuff on their farms. In Zimbabwe was the worst, just walking on and claiming the land and then just killing the farmers; but here, they were just taking what they could find and running away.

As children, we all rode bicycles and climbed trees and had a jolly good time just being a kid.

Seether’s frontman Shaun Morgan wasn’t that different from you and me … Calling in before a show in northern Mississippi, Morgan talked at length about his childhood, his influences, his band’s latest CD I grew up on a pig farm.

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If they sign you and spend money on you, then you really have to sort of start sounding really, really radio-friendly.

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